August lest & September TBR

Ok, s som dere kanskje har ftt med dere, ble August en litt rar mned for meg.
Vi flytta, og det er jo slitsomt nok i seg selv.
Sleng p sykdommen min, og det ble mneden fra helvete. (sorry ordsprket)
En annen ting som ikke gikk helt som planlagt, var internett. Vi kom i skikkelig miskommunikasjon med internettleverandren vr, s de frste to ukene hadde vi ikke tilgang p internett verken i nye huset, eller gamle huset!
S forstelig nok valgte jeg ikke skrive fulle anmeldelser p bloggen, via mobilen.
Isteden skrev jeg engelske anmeldelser p Goodreads - som jeg uansett gjr.
Derfor kommer de frset kommentarene om bker jeg leste i August, til vre p engelsk.

Ironisk nok, fikk vi internett ganske raskt!
Dessverre fungerte ikke skrivebordet mitt som hpet.
Jeg fikk nemlig nytt - et stort, utrolig stilig skap! - men det fungerte ikke for meg.
Det var slitsomt bruke, rett og slett, og derfor orket jeg ikke skrive nye kommentarer p alle bkene fr vi fikk gjort noe med det.

Gifted er en liten samling med jule-relaterte noveller skrevet av min yndlingsforfatter Kelley Armstrong.
Jeg leste denne som Ebok.


ok, so this was actually a really cute story, but my biggest problem is the fact that I haven't read the "Cainsville" series yet.
If I had, I'd probably have liked this short story a lot more.
Because it is a really short story, but it gives a look into the character Gabriel, and probably some stuff that happens to him in the main series.
I may go back and reread this when I get around to reading the series.


I love the twins, and I've wanted to see more of them since they were born. So I can easily say this short story has been on my readinglist for a while.
Normally when I have high expectations, I'm dissapointed, but I feel I've grown to know what to expect from Armstrong, and therefor was not dissapointed in this.

This short story follows Logan, and we get a good look into how he works. Can't wait to see him grow up!
Other than that it was a really cute story, and I just had to snuggle up to my own dog afterward.
I'm planing a full reread of the "Women of the Otherworld" ++ series in the future, and am already looking forward to rereading "The puppy plan"

Til sammen fikk boka 4/5 stjerner p goodreads
Hele boka ble lest 2. August

The Hunter and the hunted er enda en liten samling noveller skrevet av Kelley Armstrong.
Jeg leste denne som ebok.


I've read this short story before, and I think I gave it 5/5 then. The only reason its getting 4/5 stars now, is because I just read a story by Armstrong with the same plottwist! That was a real bummer, 'cause I really love Armstrongs writing.
Other than that fact, this is a fun Elena/Clay story, from Clay's POV. It has the banter and love I like between them, some werewolf fun, and sexytime. So everything I want in a story about those two.


I've wanted to read more from Eve's point of view for quit a while now. I find her kick ass in another way than Elena, and some times even more interesting.
While this shortstory was fun, actionpacked and mysterious, I felt it lacked something. Probably because I thought it might have something to directly do with the plot in "Thirteen".
It was a great read, in much another way than "Stalked"

Denne boka fikk til sammen 4/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 3. August og avslutet 4. August

UnDivided er den fjerde og siste boka i Neal Shusterman's Unwind-serie.
Jeg hrte denne som lydbok

It been a bumpy road up until this book. both for me, and the characters.
I loved the first book. It was so real and raw. But as the story wound its way through more books, I lost it a bit. Its a good story, that isn't the problem. I think the problem is the way it was written. It just took too long.
I realize that it was needed, for the story to evolve in the way it did, which was nessesary and well done. But as an audiobook, it dragged.
Then again, the narrator was really good, and gave all the characters an unique voice. Giving them life and deepth

I would totally recommend this series for anyone liking the dystopian genre  I found it better than both the "Divergent"series and the two last "Hunger Games books. But again I would recommend people to read the actual books.

Boka fikk 3/5 stjerner p Goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 23. Juli og avsluttet 5. August

S jeg raste gjennom de siste bkene i Rachel Vincent's Shifter-serie i Juli.
Hun har begynt p en spin-off serie, som jeg egentlig ikke hadde noe stort behov for lese.
Derimot tenkte jeg at jeg kunne prve meg p prequellen, da dette skulle vre en relativt kort novelle.
Jeg leste Hunt som ebok.

So while I liked Vincent's "Shifter"series, I had no big need to read the spinoff series. Then again, the short story heralding the new series currently mentioned story was really short, and I needed something easy and fun!
While this story wasn't as much fun, it was gorefully pleasent. The story was a masacre pun intended of speed, and a relationship was thrust up in our faces, building up to the next book in Vincent's new series "Wildcats".
It was well enough written, althoug I did notice some mistakes that ended up ruining the flow of the texts.
This novella was just what I needed, and wanted, ATM. But if I read the new series, still remains to be seen

Boka fikk 4/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble lest 5. August

For noen r siden leste jeg de siste bkene i kelley Armstrong's YA Paranormal serie, The darkest powers.
Jeg har ikke ahtt noe stort behov for beske denne verden igjen, selvom jeg skal innrmme at jeg har vrt delvis nysgjerrig p hva som ville skje med karakterene videre.
S da jeg likevel kjpte flere av Armstrong short-stories p Kindle, slang jeg med Atoning, en fortsettelse p nevnte serie.

Jeg leste denne som ebok.

"The darkest Powers" series is another series I need to reread. I don't really remember much of it, and even when I read it, it didn't stick.
Therefor, I feel the experiense of "Atoning" got a bit amputated. I spent time trying to remember who's who, and what powers they have.
But its well written, as most of Armstrongs books, and I liked to see what happened to them! My fingers are crossed for there to be a spinoff series, of the kids as adults

The story on its own isn't that bad, though

Boka fikk 3/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble lest 6. August

Hunting Kat er enda en short av Kelley Armstrong. Denne stiller som en prequel til The darkest power-serien, men med helt originale karakterer.
Jeg leste denne som ebok

So while Armstrongs "darkest power" series wasn't really for me when I read it, I'm interested in the Edison Group. I want to know more about their other experiments, and about how they operate.
Therefor this novella was a welcome story for me!
This is set pre-story (before the series) and is about a girl from one of said experiments. But in this one they messed with vampire genes.
Its just a really short story with a new character, giving a litte tease of Armstrongs vampires. While I normally don't care mych for vampires, I find these interesting, and wish Armstrong would write a full book from one of theirs POV maybe Zoe from WotO`.

But yes, a well written short story, hinting at the rest of the series. Interesting characters and developments

Boka fikk 5/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble lest 7. August

New world: Ashes er andre bok i Jennifer Wilson's YA dystiopi-trilogi.
Jeg leste denne som ebok.

I had high hopes for this series, but was dissapointed in the first book.
The writing had a lot of mistakes, and apperantly the author don't know what a "," is... This makes the book really tiredsome to read.
The characters are OK. You've got the kick ass heroine, the cute and nice boy, the handsome bad boy, the other people don't liking the heroine...

While some of these steriotype characters didn't make it into this book, they were replaced my the same kind of characters.

This repitition wasn't the only one either.
The story in many ways resembled the story in the first book.
We did get some new information, and I think I see where this is going, but I'm not sure I will read the next book in the series.
Normally I always give an auther the benefit of the doubt wheb reading their first book, but when they do the exact same mistakes in the second book, my hope kinda falls

Boka fikk 2/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 8. August og avsluttet 10. August.

I listened to this as an audiobook.

Ok, what to even say about this book?
As it proclaims, its a funny book about horrible things.

I don't know anything about Jenny Lawson from before. I have never heard her speak, or read her blogg - or anything else she has written - before listening to this book.
I saw a lot of people loving this book, and some not sure what to think about it, before I ended up buying it. I think the only reason I baught it, was the cover.
Then I started listening to it.

Jenny say's early on in the book, that most peopler not crazy, won't appresiate the book.
And I'm not saying that I'm crazy to get your pitty, og to seem unique.
But I love this book.
It made me laugh, it made me think.
And it helped me.
I suffer from mild depression, angst - both ''normal'' and socialy - insomnia, and two (diagnosed) cronic illnesses. One that gives me imense pain and fatigue.
While I know people with the same physical diagnoses as me, I've never really talked to anyone other than my husband about the other stuff.
So it was a relief to hear that someone else suffered with the same stuff.

I could tottaly understand where Jenny was coming from, both in the chapters focusing on depression and angst, but also the others. For while they weren't mainly about her illnesses, they were part of it. She told us how she handles the situasions in a way that makes them seem unharmfull and easy to survive.
And I think this is where she thinks people that doesn't suffer from these illnesses, won't find the book just as good. For them, I picture it would look like a series of random chapters not about drepression.
''But this book is supposed to be about depression,'' they might say.
And it still is, but in a much more subtle way.

This book was so much more than I could hope for, and I would recommend it to anyone suffering with any kind of cronic diseasse, be it physical or mental.
And to everyone I love, to save you from toilet-corpses.

Boka fikk 5/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 05. August og avsluttet 11. August

Lest som Ebok

There's been some time since I read the Mistborn-series, but I only think that made this story better.
For one, I'd forgotten how the Mistborn-trilogy ended. I remembered a lot of it, but not the final ending. And I was also curious as to what Kelsier did, and how it would play in the story in the books.
I think I need to give them a reread, to say the least.

This story was short and fun, and already built on an existing world, so it didn't dwell to much on world building.
I liked the way Sanderson portraits death, and religion in this book.

Well written and a fast read.

Boka fikk 4/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 12. August og avsluttet 14. August

I used to read tarot cards when I was younger, then school and life got in the way. Now, when my husband kept bugging me to get a new hobby, I desided to pick up the readings again.
Which meant I had to do some research.
I'd forgotten a lot about the readings, so this book was an easy way back to it. It containes somr history about the cards, information on each card, their elements, signs and meanings. It also has some of the more normal reading patterns, as well as examples on readings in the end.
Its an interesting book if you're thinking about starting with tarot readings, but it can also seem kind of daunting, with all the info.

Boka fikk 3/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 14. August og avsluttet 16. August

Hrt som lydbok

I think I just heard the 1th draft of the pilot to "battle star galactica", and I have to say, I am not impressed!
This book in so many ways resembled the series. There were many of the same characters. Many if the same subplits. The same beginning. Almost the same story.
The narrator for the audiobook did a good job of giving each character an individual voice, but at some points rushed the story so I didn't always understand what he said.
This is the first book in a trilogy, but when reading the summary of the next two books, I see they are mainly copies of this one, so I will not be continuing on with this series

Boka fikk 2/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 13. August og avsluttet 17. August

For det frste, se p dette coveret.
Selvom jeg ikke visste noe om denne boka fra fr av, hadde jeg nok kjpt den p grunn av tittel og cover alene.

I have to honestly say I don't know what to say about this book.
I've only read one other book by Schwab, and liked it. It was original and fun.
This is the same.

The writing is really good.
The main plotline is original and interesting.
The characters are intriguing - and differently than other authors normally do, I don't feel like I've already meet these charakters in the book I've already read by her.

I think my biggest problem was that the story was a bit slow.
It took a great deal of time to reach the climax, and then I was dissapointed in it.
I liked the story, don't get me wrong. It was just the right amount of angst, intrigue, mystery and info. But it didn't really get going fast enough. And when it got going, it got really going, but then the climax fell short.

Boka fikk til slutt 4/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 17. August og avsluttet 20. August
Les min fulle anmeldelse her

I heard this as an audiobook.

This book held some intrigue for me.
My sister is really allergic, not on a SCID stage, but on a stage where she can't be in the same room as someone with a pet at home. That was one of the reasons I wanted to read this.
But as I listened to it, it started to really speak to me too.
I don't have SCID, or such a bad case of allergies either. But I'm mostly homebound because of my health. I don't have much of a life outside of my own four walls.
So I knew how Madeleine felt, when she spoke about wanting more. Especially after the plottwist thingy.

As I said, I listened to this as an audiobook, and the narrator did a really good job.
I could picture each individual character, understand their hopes and dreams.
The storyline was straight forward and pretty standard. I'd hoped for a different kind of ending, but wasn't really surprised in the way it ended. I saw the plottwist coming from the beginning of the book.

But still a cute read, throwing some light over the fact that some people can't leave their homes for different reasons, and they should feel ashamed of that.

Les full, Norsk anmeldelse her
Boka fikk 5/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 18. August og avsluttet 23. August

En av bkene jeg kjpte denne mneden, og leste, var The Spook's: Sacrifice.
Dette er den sjette boka i Joseph Delaney's Wardstone-serie.
Dette er en barne/ungdomsbok serie, med utgangspunkt i skrekk og dark fantasy og overtro.

Veldig artig og godt skrevet serie.
Var originalt mannen min som begynte lese den, men han har falt av lasset for en stund siden.
Derimot har jeg overtatt, og leser gjerne en av bkene som ''munnrens'' etter en tung bok, eller som ventebker.

Det er ikke mye jeg kan si om historien i denne boka, uten spoile handling i tidligere bker.
Det jeg kan si er at denne var like rask og enkel lese som jeg hadde hpet p.
Sprket har god flyt, selvom det er originalt.
Det er gode utfordringer til alle karakterene, bde p et strre plan, s vel som et mer personlig et.
Historien fltes litt filer-ish ut - slik som forrige bok, faktisk - men jeg skjnner ogs at dette var ndvendig for plottwistene som dukket opp her.

Boka fikk 3/5 stjerner p goodreads
Den ble pbegynt 22. August og avsluttet 24. August

Ok, jeg kunne kanskje skrevet dette p norsk, men begynte bli sliten, s dere fr kopi av det som str p Goodreads.
Var liksom s mye si, samtidig som det ikke er noe si, om du skjnner?

Ok, first of, I have to say I had an advantage in reading this.
I know many has had problems with it beeing a script, and therefor lacking in ''litterature''.
Lucky for me, I was education myself to become an actress, and therefor, this is not the first script I've read. To be preformed, or just for fun or study.

Second, I'm born and raised in the ''Harry Potter-generation'', and may therefor be partial in this review.

That said, lets get to it!

As mentioned, this is originaly a manuscript to a play.
Therefor, there aren't that many descriptions - other than to give you the feel of the scene. This opens up a lot for the reader, but I know find that to be bad.
This also means I can't comment on the writingstyle.
Me, personally, liked it.
I had no problemp picturing the different scenes and how they would play out on an actuall stage.

The characters were interesting.
It was fun to visit with the ''old gang'', as well as new members. It was also fun to see how they all had evolved as they grew into adulthood.
My biggest problems were that we didn't really get a good view of the old gang. They didn't have much charactertime, or much of an arc, so this built on the fact that you, as a reader, had read the first 7 books.
The main character in this play, is Albus, Harry's second son.
He had an amazing character-arc that I really liked. I also loved the whole ''friendship is magic'' thing going on here. As well as the whole father-son thing. You don't always have to be like your parents, to be a good child.

Then there was the story.
Its an interesting plot, and I think it would make a great movie.
But while I enjoyed reading it, the story didn't give me as much as a normal Potter-book.
Then again, this is a play, and I think watching it, feeling it, seeing it, would be a great experiense.
I also have to admit that I saw the plot-twist coming quite from the start, and that was kind of dissapointing.

Another problem I had was that it in many way's were full of Deux Ex Machina moments. Just having stuff lying around. Stuff is conveniant to steal. Its easy to get in places it should be easy to get in.
Then again, its a play, and its for fun, so I'm looking the other way

So not as high up there as the rest of the series, but a fun experiense for a Potter-fan!
And do I want to see the play even if I knows how it'll end?
H*ll yeah!

Boka fikk 4/5 stjerner p goodreads
Les hel NORSK anmeldelse her
Den ble lest 25. August

Ok, s jeg vet ikke helt hva jeg kan si om denne boka.
Jeg har et veldig blanda inntrykk av den, og akkurat n merker jeg at jeg er for sliten til gjre noe srlig med det.

Heldigvis for dere, har jeg skrevet en anmeldelse!
Og den er skrevet fr jeg ble sliten!

Hadde denne boka vrt gitt ut av en etablert forfatter, eller et annet forlag, hadde jeg lagt den fra meg da jeg kom til kap 5, og neste kap var kap 7. Men hadde Aasvang ftt den hjelpe fra forlaget hun fortjener, hadde boka lett ftt 4/5, eller kanskje 5/5 stjerner p goodreads!

Slik det er n, fikk den 3/5 stjerner
Les full anmeldelse her
Boka ble pbegynt  26. August og avsluttet 30. August

Ok, s dette ble den andre boka jeg leste om tarot denne mneden.
Faktisk ikke planlagt, but shit happens!

I motsettning til Den store boka om tarot som jeg leste tidligere i mneden, var derimot denne en glede les.
Den fulgte med en tarot deck jeg kjpte, og hadde personlige kommentarer til hvert kort av kunstnere, s vel som de faktiske betydningene, flelses messige tolkninger, hvordan man skulle tolke hele farger i en spread, og forslag til enkle spreads begynne med.

Dette gjorde det mye lettere huske hva de forskjellige kortene betyr, hva de forskjellige fargene betyr, og hvordan de pvirker hverandre.
Alt i alt en glede lese!

Boka fikk 4/5 stjerner p goodreads, bare fordi dette er en bok man kun fr tak i, om man kjper decken.
Den ble lest 31. August

Okai, wow, August gikk mye bedre enn forventet!
Jeg raste gjennom til sammen 17 bker!
7 ebker, 4 lydbker og 6 fysiske bker.
Langt fra drlig!

N er vi jo godt i gang med September allerede, men originalt hadde jeg ingen faste bker planlagt.
Eneste jeg hpet p, var f tatt en dypdykk i ''fortsettelse''-haugen min, s vel som lese en norsk bok som vanlig.
Dere fr bare vente og se til starten av neste mned, med hvem bker jeg faktisk kommer til lese!

Hva har du lest i August?

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23.09.2016 kl.15:03

Mistenker det er fordi jeg har kopiert teksten fra goodreads, hvor den original var skrevet via mobil >_> Takk som sa i fra *setter seg fikser*


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