The Unwanted

Tittel: The Unwanted 
Forfatter: Ukjent
Sjanger: Steampunk 
Utgitt: 2017
Forlag: Selvpublisert
Antall sider: 38
Goodreads rating: 2

Lest p Engelsk 

The government takes unwanted children, destined for abortion or foster care, and trains them for governmental services. These children are called the "unwanted", and become very special, revered people in society. This is due to the quality of the training they receive. They become highly skilled in their fields, and serve society. 

Aria is an unwanted detective who has a keen eye, and specializes in finding lost people. Like Sherlock Holmes she is hyper observant and is able to accurately deduce and make logical inferences. She uses this skill to track people, and return them where they belong. She is not interested in solving crime, her passion is in finding lost people. 

I picked this book up for free on my Kindle, and the only reason I ended up finishing it was because it was so short. If it had been any longer, I would have DNFed it after chapter 3.

The writing is splotcy and full of mistakes. Missing words, missing letters, missing marks, you name it! Also, it is not good.

The story is like the writing. Splotcy and random, missing a lot of information. Jumping back and forth without any connection, just putting random acts of things together.
I have to admit, though, that it started interesting, but as I read on it took some majore short cuts and just feel through its own holes. 

The characters weren't any better. They're supposed to be trained from childhood, being turned into assassins and super spies, but they were just random lumps of "look at me, I'm awesome" and "Oh god, I don't wanna die and I have angst and I turn on the man I think of as my father before the bad guys even look at me"

What even did I just spend and hour life reading?! I have nothing good to say about this thing. Nothing... 

Boka fikk 1/5 stjerner p goodreads

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