The year of the flood

Tittel: The Year of the Flood
Forfatter: Margaret Atwood
Sjanger: Dystopian
Utgitt: 2009
Forlag: Bloomsbury
Antall sider: 436
Goodreads rating: 4.05

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Adam One - the kindly leader of the God's Gardeners - has long predicted the waterless flood. Now it has occurred, obliterating most human life. By turns dark, tender, violent, thoughtful and uneasily hilarious, 'The Year of the Flood' is a testament to Atwood's visionary power.

I borrowed this book from my aunt, and I'd been looking forward to reading it, when I learned it was the second book in the series. 
I asked around a little, and people told me I could read this before reading book 1, but not book 3. So now I'm waiting around for book 1. 

This did affect my experience of the book, however. 
It made for a rough start, as I wasn't sure I could read this book as the first or not, so I kinda fell out before I was even in, if you get my drift? 
Also, I think I would have understood a lot of things better if I'd read book 1, and not used sometime on understanding everything. 

Other than that, though, I liked it! 
This is my first book by the author as well, and she's been getting a lot of media lately, so I've been wanting to read something of her. 
I liked her language, and how adult it all was - this is a great example of how people write differently for different age groups, and I have to say, I prefer this one! 
So yeah, I liked the language and the writing. 

I also liked the story. 
It was split between two POV's and it worked, as it was clearly marked whom we were following when and where. Also, getting to know how things were in ''the now'', made me really curious about how they ended up where they did, as I read the story. 

I think I had some trouble with the characters, though. I didn't really connect with the two MCs, and so I didn't get sucked as much in the story as I wished. There were some character arcs I found really interesting, but so much was going on, that there were multiple chapters between every time an ARC got mentioned again. 

But all in all I liked it, and am looking forward to reading book one and three in this series. 

3/5 stjerner p goodreads

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