Gates of Thread and Stone

Tittel: Gates of Thread and Stone
Forfatter: Lori M. Lee
Sjanger: YA Fantasy 
Utgitt: 2014
Forlag: Skyscape
Antall sider: 335
Goodreads rating: 3.63

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In a city of walls and secrets, where only one man is supposed to possess magic, seventeen-year-old Kai struggles to keep hidden her own secret?she can manipulate the threads of time. When Kai was eight, she was found by Reev on the riverbank, and her ?brother? has taken care of her ever since. Kai doesn?t know where her ability comes from?or where she came from. All that matters is that she and Reev stay together, and maybe one day move out of the freight container they call home, away from the metal walls of the Labyrinth. Kai?s only friend is Avan, the shopkeeper?s son with the scandalous reputation that both frightens and intrigues her.

Then Reev disappears. When keeping silent and safe means losing him forever, Kai vows to do whatever it takes to find him. She will leave the only home she?s ever known and risk getting caught up in a revolution centuries in the making. But to save Reev, Kai must unravel the threads of her past and face shocking truths about her brother, her friendship with Avan, and her unique power. 

I'm thinking of getting a new shelf, a YA one, just to mark the reads in this genre, as that actually has a lot to say about the story and characters. 
What do you guys think of that?

But to the book review!

I got this book, and the second book in the series for a cheap penny as used books some time last year, but haven't even thought of picking them up before now. 
Now, though, I'm trying to only read hardbacks in November, and I needed something easy to read, as I'm on the verge of a slump. 
YA usually does the trick, and so it did this time as well. 

I didn't know what this book was about when picking it up, but as I knew it was YA, I didn't have high hopes. 
Good thing, I think. 
Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad read, just not what I normally like. 
'cause, while the idea of the story is interesting and promises a lot of action, this is mostly a romance story, with some angst, and with hints of multiple tree-ways. 
So yeah, pretty standard YA. 

The characters are... not the best. 
They are pretty standard, without much depth, and I was just plain annoyed with the MC. 
How stupid and short sighted can one be? Really? 
Thankfully, though, she wasn't as Mary Sue as many other YA MC's. 

The story and world are also interesting, if looking away from the romance thing. 
There are some interesting arcs here, and they do shape a lot of how the romance works, but unfortunately, the main ''story'' was put in the shadow of the romance, that kept popping up, even in the middle of the fight scenes. Like we could ever forget! 
That was one of my problems, but also one of the reasons I flew through it. 
There wasn't any originality here, really, and so it wasn't a hard read. 
I'm kinda uncertain about book two, though. I don't mind reading it, but I think I need to be in a certain kind of mood, that I'm not often in. 
Then again, the book aint going anywhere. 

The writing is also OK. 
This is the authors debut novel, and while one can smell it in storytelling techniques and character development, it wasn't apparent in the writing. 
So if she ever write anything in another genre, I may be inclined to pick it up.   

3/5 stjerner p goodreads

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